Current members:

Kevin Henbest (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2000- )*
Tilo Zollitsch (DPhil student, 2014- )^
Lauren Jarocha (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2014- )*^
Hamish Hiscock (DPhil student, 2014- )
Susannah Worster (DPhil student, 2014- )
Christian Kerpal (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2015- )*^
Marco Bassetto (DPhil student, 2015- )
Thomas Player (DPhil student, 2017- )
Jiate Luo (DPhil student, 2017- )
Josh Blunsden (Part II student, 2017-2018)
Thomas Scrivener (Part II student, 2017-2018)
Jukka Luukkonen (Visiting Researcher, 2017-2018)

*Joint with Christiane Timmel
^Joint with Stuart Mackenzie

Recent former members:

Daniel Kattnig (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2013-2017)
Jennifer Handsel (DPhil student, 2011-2017)
Sijie Zhang (Visiting Researcher, 2015-2016)
Cat Gunn (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2015-2016)*^
Jonathan Storey (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2015)*
Jason Lau (DPhil student, 2009-2014)
Kiminori Maeda (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2005-2014)
Alice Bowen (DPhil student, 2009-2013)
Chris Wedge (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2011-2013)
Till Biskup (Postdoctoral visitor, 2010-2012)
Hannah Hogben (DPhil student, 2008-2011)
Ken Hun Mok (Postdoctoral research assistant, 2003-2008)
Nicola Wagner-Rundell (DPhil student, 2003-2008)
Lars Kuhn (DPhil student, 2004-2008)
Olga Efimova (DPhil student, 2005-2008)
Chris Rodgers (DPhil student, 2003-2007)
Remo Gerber (DPhil student, 2004-2007)

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